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Raleigh is the center of magical happenings in the mid-east of the US. The who’s who of the supernatural world grace the city with their presence often enough to maintain appearances without drawing mortal attention. Raleigh was one of the first colonies of the new world, so it’s naturally a hub for incoming and outgoing persons of the magical community. The RPD usually have their hands full keeping the mortals in check. The special investigations department is a sizable section of the RPD devoted to incidents of the supernatural variety. For wizards, Warden Jayna deals with problems in the region.

Places of Note:

Bard’s End Tavern
Chapel of Divine Blessings
Lap of Luxury Night Club
Mercenary’s Hangout
Ghoul’s Union
Raleigh Underground

Groups of Interest:

The Coven
Vampire Courts
Were Pack
Faerie Courts
Magnusson and Associates Law Firm

The Seven Laws of Magic

Main Page

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