Joe Diamond

Joe Diamond is a Raleigh area businessman with a rough past and lofty goals for the future.


Mortal Stunts
Lush Lifestyle
Filthy Lucre

No Pain, No Gain
Tough Stuff

Pin Them Down
Target-Rich Environment


Demolition Training

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Average – Stealth, Discipline
Fair – Alertness, Craftsmanship
Good – Conviction, Presence
Great – Athletics, Endurance
Superb – Guns, Resources


Joe Diamond is a Raleigh area businessman and the owner of the “Triangle Diamond Construction Company” based in. Although not a North Carolina native, Joe Diamond has embraced his new home with a love that few northerners normally express in the South. As a wealthy man, Joe has given to charities and has tried to enhance his community.

Recently, Joe Diamond has been taking on state government building contracts in an effort to establish himself as the premiere construction business in central North Carolina. Joe built himself a moderately sized estate in north of Raleigh. His offices are located downtown close to a new construction site.

Bases Loaded
In 2010, Joe Diamond was attending a baseball game at the Durham Ball Park in Durham, NC. He had acquired box seats for himself and several of his friends and minor business partners. Early in the third inning five Irish gunmen entered his box and opened fire on Joe and his comrades. After several shots were fired the only one left alive of the audience in the box was Joe Diamond. Joe promptly pulled out two pistols from shoulder holsters in his jacket and returned fire. While taking cover behind a food cart within the room, Joe miraculously shot and killed all five assassins. The local newspapers referred to Joe as man as tough to cut as a “diamond”.

Since that time Joe Diamond has tried to put a positive spin on his fame and is currently plotting to get involved in politics by running for state office in North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. He has set up contacts in government because of government subsidized building contracts after the planned demolition of a major office building in downtown Raleigh by his construction company.

Joe Diamond

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