Cylus Black


Supernatural Abilities
Beast Change -1
Echoes of the Beast -1
Human Form +1
Inhuman Strength -2
Claws -1
Hulking Size -2

[Supernatural Toughness -4
Inhuman Recovery -2
The Catch +4]

Total = -8

Average: Contacts, Intimidation
Fair: Investigation, Survival
Good: Endurance, Guns
Great: Alertness, Athletics
Superb: Fists, Might


I come from a long line of werebears. I am currently employed as a North Carolina Game Warden assinged to Raleigh. When off duty I spend most of my time hunting and fishing around my home on Jordan Lake. I take my job seriously and am very good at it but whenever I need a little extra help of the magical variety I call Jema Blythe or stop by her shop. I have been known to take her out on calls as a consultant whenever I come across any odd animal killings/sacrifices.

Cylus Black

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