Jema Blythe

Wood Witch


Template: Wizard

Supernatural Abilities
Evocation (-3)
Thaumaturgy (-3)
The Sight (-1)
Soulgaze (-0)
Wizard’s Constitution (-0)
Refinement (-1) [Evocation (+1 Earth Control and +1 Earth Power)]

Average: Contacts, Athletics
Fair: Survival, Endurance
Good: Alertness, Weapons
Great: Lore, Resources
Superb: Conviction, Discipline

Earth: Evocations (1 Control and +1 Power)
Water: Evocations (
1 Power)


A cross between Celtic Druid and European Witch in her magical practices. She believes in the elemental forces that support and govern the world more than physical deities. She uses the resources those provide graciously, trying not to waste anything or destroy anything unnecessarily. She is quite and reserved guarding herself from most common attachments to other people but she likes to be helpful in her own way.

As far as magical practices, she uses animal sacrifice to fuel the creation of talismans and other rituals but in a reverent and respectful way, not like dark and vulgar. She uses storms for some rituals dancing in the rain believing it and the lighting join the power of earth, water, and sky. She also believes in the purity and harmony of body, mind and soul. Often helping to counsel or cleanse people who are suffering from mental, emotional or physical distress through meditation, physical therapy, aroma therapy or other herbal remedies.

She lives rustically with a small cabin in a wooded area surrounded by a high wooden fence. She has some commodities like plumbing from her well but does not have electricity. She uses a wood stove to cook on and heat her home. She usually eats what she hunts or what she grows in her garden. She also grows herbs for cooking and making the items in her store. She makes her own soaps, incense and herbal remedies that she mostly sells. She also makes fur or leather items from the creatures she kills and skins. She has a grove of sorts set up by her cabin for some rituals and a rustic workshop for her skinning, tanning, crafting and other similar rituals.

The Earthen Hallow
She runs an apothecary and occult type shop where she sells her homemade items, raw herbs, and other items like crystals and tarot cards that are associated with magical practice. Her home is not far so she bikes to work and back.

Jema Blythe

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